Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Quickly sending emails directly from the Inspection Details page just got simpler!
With the new
Create Email
button combined with the new
Email Templates
function you can now improve your business communications with ease.
Email Templates
Companies on Advanced now have the option to replace the base function of the Share Details email with a full set of customizable templates to use for one-off emails.
Under Settings / Advanced Tools make sure you have the Enable Manual Emails box checked and then click on the Email Templates button.
Click on + Add Template to get started
Sending One-Off Emails
On your inspection details page in the Emails box at the bottom of the page you will see a button labeled Create Email. Click that to open the Create Email window.
From here you can select your template or choose the - - option to write something on the fly.
Once you send the email you will see it in the list of sent emails in the Emails box.
Happy Communicating!
  • We have fixed an annoying bug where the save button for client contacts was unreachable when editing a client on the inspection details page.
  • The save button should now be visible, or able to be scrolled to, regardless of the screen size or device.
  • When there are multiple agreements on the client portal, they will now load one after the other, as opposed to redirecting back to the portal.
  • This is to help avoid people missing signing agreements after the first.


Text Messaging


Expansion of Spectora Conversations

🤹 Ready to improve your on the fly communications with agents, clients and inspectors?
The new Spectora Conversations feature will allow you to leverage your custom number to have direct conversations with them right along with the automations or actions based messages they may currently receive.
This feature does require Spectora Advanced and a Custom Number.
Video Overview (6 min)
You can access the Conversations page in a few ways but the easiest is by clicking the icon at the top of the screen. This icon will also serve to notify you of unread messages as there will be a red dot on the icon if there are unread messages.image
Starting and Continuing Conversations
Once you are there you will see the page broken up into sections for Inspectors, Agents and Clients to help with organization of your communications.
Any automated messing (via Automations or Actions) that have been sent to that contact will also show in the thread with the user being "Auto" and a link back to the inspection that the message is associated with.
Messages sent will show up as a text message on the contact's mobile phone ☎️ coming from the custom number you have setup. They simply respond back via their text messaging app and the responses shows up in the thread in Conversations.
Conversations Directly From The Inspection Page
You may also access Conversations from the Inspection Details page. You will see a Conversations icon beside the Inspector name(s). Clicking on the icon will open the Conversations page in a new tab with the specific thread open for that inspector.
If you are already using a custom number and have forwarding turned on you may want to disable that after getting this started. You don't have to do so but it could become confusing to get the messages forwarded to a separate phone number when the conversation thread is unified in the Spectora web application.
As always please feel free to reach out to the bubble for any help if you run into any issues using the feature. Happy Chatting!
We are releasing Task Management (Tasks) for all Advanced companies today!
Video Demo (10 min) if you are interested.
What does it do?
feature allows you to easily see and work a list of tasks directly inside of Spectora. image
Tasks can be linked to specific inspections, agent profiles or not linked at all. image
The new dashboard widget lets you see at a glance what's due/overdue or what's coming up tomorrow or even all of your tasks if you want.
Admins can set options for assignees to get email notifications regarding their assigned tasks. This can be especially helpful for those users that don't log onto the web version of Spectora on a regular basis.
In the end
helps keep you organized and running your business efficiently!
How do I turn it on?
If you already have Advanced turned on you don't have to do anything. You will see the new Tasks icon image
in the header when you are logged into the web browser interface of Spectora. The red dot here shows up if you have any due or overdue tasks in your queue.
Happy Tasking!
We have a new release out to everyone, here is what is included:
  • A fix for
    optional sections, items, and duplication
    is not showing as an option, despite the template being active.
Since the first release of 10.15.0, we fixed two additional issues:
  • Not being able to duplicate sections or items already duplicated.
  • Optional items in optional sections being added by default, rather than staying optional.
Android only
  • We have sent a fix out for crashing while using the single-shot camera on Android, particularly on Android 14. Let us know if you still see any issues!




New Agent Birthdays Report

We have just added a new report in the Agent reports section for Agent Birthdays!
You can quickly run a report to see which Agents have a birthday in the your specified time frame (defaults to Next Month).
Check it out here!
We've recently released a couple of small upgrades to the rules options for Actions in Advanced!
New Property Details Options
You now have options to specify Actions by the zip code, city or state of the property associated with the inspection. The spelling does need to be exact but capitalization doesn't matter for matching.
  • Note: You can include multiple values for the rule by entering them separated by commas.
New Event Name Options
You can now specify that Actions fire or not using Event name as a rule. The spelling does need to be exact but capitalization doesn't matter for matching.
We recently released several updates to Tasks (beta) in Spectora!
Agent Linked Tasks
  • Now in addition to inspection linked tasks you have the option to create Agent linked tasks by initiating a task from the Agent profile page.
  • Agent linked tasks can be seen in the main Tasks queue with a link back to the Agent's profile page.
New general Tasks options
  • Email Assignee when task is created: Selecting this will send out an email to the user every time a task is created and assigned to the user. You have further options to limit this feature to only send when a task is set as High Priority, only when the assignee is an Inspector, or both. This can be helpful if you have some users that don't regularly log in to the browser version of Spectora but need to know about assigned tasks.
  • Send Assignees a Task Summary Email Every Day: Selecting this will cause an email to be sent to all users that have at least one task assigned to them (that is not already completed) with a summary of all the tasks they have. You can define the time each day that you want this to send out and again can further restrict the feature to only include Inspectors, only send on Weekdays, or both.
Tasks Dashboard widget coming soon!
Please reach out to the bubble if you are interested in joining the beta and don't have access yet!
We recently added a new business report regarding inspection cancels for companies on Advanced.
The new report will give quick visibility into the canceled inspections in the time frame you pick including the reported cancel reason.
You can filter for seeing inspections that were confirmed, unconfirmed or show inspections from either in the same report (default).
Check the report out here.
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