We've made a change to our Partnerships that we think you and your clients are going to like.
What’s changed?
We've removed Lemonade as a home insurance vendor and replaced them with Insurify!
Why Insurify?
  • Insurify is a licensed agent in all 50 states (plus D.C.) that works with top insurers across the country so your clients get the largest selection of quotes.
  • Insurify agents will ensure your clients get the best deal available.
How might this impact revenue?
  • Insurify's concierge service will give your clients a first-class experience that strengthens your brand.
  • For each client who connects with an Insurify agent by phone, you'll get a $12.50
  • Clients
    need to sign a
    for you to get paid!
How does it work?
  • Clients will fill out a short form and schedule a call with an Insurify agent.
  • The Insurify agent will call your client on the scheduled date.
  • If your client misses their call, the Insurify agent will follow up with a maximum of three calls to get in touch.
  • If your client chooses not to proceed or does not return the calls, Insurify will not call them again, so there's
    no spam, guaranteed
How is Insurify enabled?
  • Go to Partnerships (in Settings) and click the Insurify offering to enable it.
  • Then make sure the Insurify box is checked in the Partnership Offers section of Services & Fees to display this offer on the Client Portal.