Text Messaging


Spectora Conversations for Advanced

We are excited to share that Spectora Conversations for Inspectors is now available to all Advanced users!
What is it?
Conversations is a new option for conversational text communications directly from inside of Spectora. The first version of this allows any inspector, manager or staff member logged into the Spectora via a browser to directly text your inspector's cell phones for quick and trackable communications. Check the article out here and/or the demo video here!
How can I use it?
The feature itself is included with Advanced but it does require that your company is setup with a custom number.
  • Conversations include any automated messaging sent from your company to the inspector's mobile number
  • See the inspector's response directly inline with the messages you sent to them
  • Start conversations directly from an inspection page
  • Red dot indicator on the Conversations icon when there are unread messages